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Living Room Furniture Makeover

March 6, 2019
Before and After Pic

Your home needs an update and you've known that for a long time.. Sure you could call Chip and Jo - or however you are supposed to get on that show- and have them come tear down walls and get you a new home with that $100,000 you have stashed away. (Because of course we all have that under our mattress.)

Or there’s another option...

A makeover with a small budget and no construction that can be done in 1 day! We are calling it our #fisherfixerupper. It’s as simple as new furniture. Take a look for yourself. It’s incredible what new furniture can do.

Before and After Pic 4

If you are like so many of us who look around at your house and think "well it's fine." and the little things you keep buying at Hobby Lobby are cute but ultimately your room still looks mismatched and …. Outdated. We recommend you think about new furniture.

Before and After Pic 2
Before and After Pic 3
Before and After Pic 6

This makeover was also done in under $3,000! A brand new living room for a crazy good price.

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Detail Picture
before and after
Detail Picture 2

If you like this makeover, you can shop all the items in these pictures below. Make that room the way you have always wanted it to be, don't be afraid to reach out to us for help. This sectional for example comes in more configurations than we are able to display on our website. Contact us! Maybe you could be our next #fisherfixerupper!

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