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What is a sofa table and why should I use it?

February 18, 2019

My name is JJ and I am the writer of the FHF (Fisher Home Furnishing’s) blog. Here's a tip I had never heard of before entering into this world of furniture. It’s a magic thing that the furniture world calls a sofa table. (Also sometimes called a console table or credenza)

This is my living room sofa table.

Sofa Table Photo

I am constantly re-decorating it for the season, but from a design perspective it’s more than that, it's a great way to bring the two rooms together.

Sofa Table Photo

Genius right?! That’s what I thought too the first time I saw it. I see houses all the time with the ugly back of a sofa staring you in the face, when an easy fix is a table behind it! NOW, sure it looks good. But why really do I want to spend money on that??

1. You can put stuff on it. Sounds silly but we use it all the time for drinks, books, hiding things from the reach of the toddler, lamps etc. Here’s a link to our sofa table pinterest board of another way to use it behind a sofa and against a wall. (Just make sure your sofa isn’t reclining)

View Pinterest Board

2. You can use it as an extra seat or couple of seats. This can be for eating, a small desk area, or just two more people to join in on a game or conversation in your living room.

NOTE: Not all sofa tables out there are the same size or shape. You can easily find ones that will fit two or three small barstools. The nice thing is they are usually the right height for barstools too! But make sure to check the product dimensions before buying to be sure.

Sofa Table Photo
Sofa Table Photo and Link

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